Golden Aurora I

Golden Aurora I



3D Frame, 15x10 flat canvas, Amsterdam Acrylics, Acrylic Medium, Silicone, Talens Acrylic Varnish Glossy




Height: 12,6 Centimeters; Width: 17,6 Centimeters; Depth: 4 Centimeters


Height: 15 Centimeters; Width: 10 Centimeters







Open your eyes, look through the window and let your mind bond with this color dance in a small scale. See how the yellow, golden, green, gold and blue flow though this painting and creat a unique and beautiful pattern perfect for your entryway, kitchen or bedroom.




If you like this set but you want it in different colors or on a different type of canvas let me know and ill make a custom set for you. In the process you’ll choose the colors and type of canvas and I’ll send you pictures and videos. Only when you’re completely satisfied with your painting, I’ll send it to you!